Motions Bank

​​​Motions Bank Contents​ 

Note: This is an evolving list and more motions will be added. Any ​motions listed that aren't hyperlinks will be posted as soon as they are available. Please be sure to open these documents from a Chrome browser.


1.1       Bail
1.1.3                Motion to Reinstate Bail
1.1.4                Motion for Post-Conviction Bail
1.1.6                Summary Petition for Bail
1.2       Challenges to the Indictment
1.3       Discovery and Discovery Responses
1.3.2                Defendant’s Response to Discovery Request
1.3.5                Notice of Entrapment Defense
1.3.7                Defendant’s Request for Production of Rule 404(b) Evidence
1.3.9                Motion for in Camera Hearing regarding Victim’s Records
1.4       Suppression, Exclusion and Motions in Limine
1.4.5                Motion in Limine
1.5       Competency and Sanity
1.5.1                Motion for Mental Examination
1.5.2                Order Granting Mental Examination
1.5.3                Motion for Hearing on Competency
1.5.4                Motion for Examination by Independent Expert
1.5.5                Motion for Competency Review Hearing
1.5.9                Motion for Bifurcated Trial (Insanity)          
1.5.11              Motion for Post-Conviction Examination
1.6       Disqualification, Recusal, and Withdrawal
1.6.3                Motion to Recuse Office of Prosecuting Attorney and for Appointment of Special Prosecutor
1.7       Consolidation, Severance, and Bifurcation
1.7.2                Motion for Severance of Offenses
1.8       Miscellaneous Pretrial Motions
1.8.2                Motion for Dismissal Due to Failure to Provide Speedy Trial (3 Term Rule)
1.8.5                Petition for Habeas Corpus Relief and for Dismissal due to Failure to Provide Speedy Trial (2 Term Rule)
1.8.7                Motion for Leave to Appear by Telephone
1.8.8                Transport Order

2.1       Plea Documents
2.2       Motions Regarding the Jury
2.2.5                Motion for Sequestration of Jury
2.2.6                Motion to Conduct Voir Dire
2.2.8                Juror Personal History Questionnaire
2.2.12              Reservation of Right and Motion for Jury Trial
2.3       Motions Regarding Witnesses
2.3.3                Motion to Secure Attendance of Nonresident Witness
2.3.4                Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Testificandum


3.1       Verdict
3.1.2                Motion for Post-Verdict Judgment of Acquittal
3.1.3                Motion for New Trial
3.2       Sentencing
3.2.1                Motion for Presentence Diagnosis and Classification
3.2.2                Motion for Sentencing as Youthful Offender
3.2.3                Motion for Probation
3.2.4                Petition for Probation (Magistrate Court)
3.2.7                Motion for Reconsideration of Sentence

4.1       Appeals
​   4.1.2                Motion to Extend Period for Appeal

​​   ​4.1.3                Motion to File Petition for Appeal Outside Time Limits

4.2       Post-Conviction Habeas Corpus Proceedings
4.2.2                Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Subjiciendum under W. Va. Code § 53–4A–1
4.2.3                Memorandum of Law​​​

                       4.2.5                ​​Losh List

4.3       Miscellaneous Post-Conviction Matters