For New Panel Attorneys

​​​​If you are a n​ew panel a​ttorney, you must follow the steps below to be eligible to be paid by Public Defender Services. If you have any questions, please contact LeeAnn Doyle at​.​ 

  1. Visit to create and activate your account.
  2. Complete the OVS​ Access Form and submit to PDS.
  3. Access the Online Vo​ucher System once you receive your "access granted" email.

Public Defender Services offers training in both the technical and ethical aspects of billing using the Online Voucher System (OVS) at no charge to the user. The course teaches both attorneys and data entry users how to create and update vouchers in OVS. Additionally, the course examines our legislative rules that govern what we do and do not compensate attorneys for, as well as the ethical aspects of maintaining a billing system. To enroll in the free course, send an e-mail to leeann.m.d​

Click here to view the Online Voucher User Processing Guide Version 2.0.

More information is outlined in the following instructional videos:​​​

OVS instructional video thumbnail showing the first slide of the video outlining how to create an account​​ ​ ​ ​   ​