Research Center FAQs


How do I order publications for my own library and what formats are there to choose from?

Print our ​Order Form and mark your selections; include a check made payable to WV Public Defender Services and mail to WVPDS, Attn: CLRC, One Players Club Drive Suite 301, Charleston, WV 25311. Please include a current Tax Exempt form if you are exempt from paying WV State Tax.


What are the WV State Bar MCLE reporting requirements?

Your answers can be found on the WV State Bar's MCLE section of their website.


Does the Criminal Law Research Center file for out-of-state CLE credit for their seminars and conferences?

No; we will provide a WV Certificate Attendance for each attorney to complete and report for themselves. Credit for another state must be filed for by the attorney also. However, we will do our best to provide you with any additional documentation and/or information required to meet that state bar's requirements.


Can seminars be ordered on DVD?

Yes; most of the time. We do not take orders for seminars on DVD until after the seminar is completed and we have had time to assure the seminar was captured digitally. The cost of the DVD is the same as registration for attending in person. Please see the WV State Bar's MCLE section for claiming credits from seminars on DVD. We will do our best to complete the order with a copy of the printed material from the particular seminar whenever possible.


Does WVPDS take payments for seminars and purchase of publications by credit card?

No. Unfortunately, this is not something we have the ability to do. Checks are the preferred form of payment. We do understand that client and court schedules do tend to hold up planning and the mail does take time and there are deadlines on registrations, to hold a spot for you we will accept a faxed copy of the registration form or a phone call while the mailed registration makes it way to our office.​