Re-entry Checklist


(PDF Ver​sion​​)​

Preparing for release from prison 

  • Learn about the release process and make a release plan for:
    • Transportation from jail or prison
    • Taking your belongings with you
    • Clothing for your release
  • Keep a folder with all release paperwork and documents​

Probation, Parole, and Supervised Release

  • Find out what type of supervision you are on and know your conditions of release and supervision
  • Report to supervision 
  • Obtain contact information for your community supervision officer
  • Maintain contact with your community supervision officer
  • Refrain from using drugs and obey all laws
  • Maintain verifiable housing 
  • Maintain verifiable employment 
  • Report for scheduled office visits and drug testing

I​mportant Tools for Successful Reentry ​

    • Get a library card 
    • Get a public transportation card
    • Get a cell phone and phone number and set up your voicemail 
    • Get a postal mailing address 
    • Create an email address 


    Workforce WV and ​Jobs and Hope​ can connect you with resources in the following areas:




    • Identify housing options:
      • Connect with family and friends
      • ​Pre-release transfer to a halfway house or home confinement
      • Look into day programs and drop-in centers, shelters, transitional shelters, single room occupancy, or ​​​supportive housing
      • Public vs affordable vs private housing options
    • Learn about utility assistance and internet services (LIEAP)


    • Open a bank account
    • Check your credit score
    • Apply for a credit card ​
    • Find out what fines and fees you may still owe to th​e court (either through your supervision officer or by contacting the clerk of the court) 

    ​​Voting and Civic Participation

    Identity Documents and Personal Records