Re-entry Checklist


(PDF Ver​sion​​)​

Preparing for release from prison 
  • Learn about the release process and make a release plan for:
    • Transportation from jail or prison
    • Taking your belongings with you
    • Clothing for your release
  • Keep a folder with all release paperwork and documents​

Probation, Parole, and Supervised Release
  • Find out what type of supervision you are on and know your conditions of release and supervision
  • Report to supervision 
  • Obtain contact information for your community supervision officer
  • Maintain contact with your community supervision officer
  • Refrain from using drugs and obey all laws
  • Maintain verifiable housing 
  • Maintain verifiable employment 
  • Report for scheduled office visits and drug testing

Important Tools for Successful Reentry 
  • Get a library card 
  • Get a public transportation card
  • Get a cell phone and phone number and set up your voicemail 
  • Get a postal mailing address 
  • Create an email address 

Identity Documents and Personal Records


Legal Protections for People with ​Criminal Records

    Family Connections and Legal Rights

    Public Benefits


    • Identify housing options:
      • Connect with family and friends
      • ​Pre-release transfer to a halfway house or home confinement
      • Look into day programs and drop-in centers, shelters, transitional shelters, single room occupancy, or ​​​supportive housing
      • Public vs affordable vs private housing options
    • Learn about utility assistance and internet services (LIEAP)


    • Workforce WV and ​Jobs and Hope​ can connect you with resources in the following areas:
      • Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Workforce Development
      • High School Diploma, GED, NEPD
      • Trade Schools, Apprenticeships, and College

    ​​Voting and Civic Participation

    • Open a bank account
    • Check your credit score
    • Apply for a credit card ​
    • Find out what fines and fees you may still owe to the court (either through your supervision officer or by contacting the clerk of the court) 

    Guns, Sex Offender, and other Registries​