2021 Annual Indigent Defense Conference


Partnering with the National Association for Public Defense    

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Public Defender Services (PDS) will not hold an annual conference again this year. Instead, anyone who would normally attend the PDS conference is encouraged to attend the upcoming WE THE DEFENDERS (WTD) national conference being held virtually by the National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) in March. As set forth below, the cost of the conference is only $50 per person and could provide all your required CLE credits.

The WTD conference is intentionally designed to include separate tracks for attorneys, social workers/mitigation specialists, investigators, paralegals and core staff, and more. There are more than 125 different sessions being offered and almost 6,000 people registered (as of 2/17/21). ​

Update: Claiming CLE Credit

If you attended the NAPD conference as described below, you will need to self report your credits to the WV State Bar. You will find the conference under the WV Public Defender Services approved course list, NOT NAPD. Here are the details you need:

  • The live attendance course ID for the NAPD course is course 53813.  It is 15 credits, including 3 possible in ethics depending on which concurrent sessions you attended.  

If you are watching the v​ideos for additional credit OR you purchased access to the videos after the conference, use the following details to claim credit:

  • NAPD course sessions is 53814.  It is for a total of up to 30 credits, including 3 in ethics depending on which recorded sessions that they watch.

Note: the videos for all the sessions that were recorded have been posted to the Sche​d page. Simply log in using the same information you used to log in during the conference, then click on the session you want to watch.​​

When: ​

March 18 - 20, 2021


​The entire conference is only $50 per person and includes access to the recordings. Due to the extremely low cost of the conference, we highly encourage you to also register your non-lawyer staff.

How to Register:

Simply click the INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION link on the EVENT PAGE and follow the instructions.

WV Update in the Law Session & CLE Credit

UPDATE: PDS will not be able to host an update in West Virginia law session during the NAPD conference. PDS intends to offer such a session at no cost later in the year when the agency can resume normal operations and is fully staffed. PDS apologizes for this disappointing news. However, the NAPD conference schedule includes myriad sessions that are relevant to the practice of law in West Virginia, and you are encouraged to take advantage of this very affordable opportunity to earn CLE credit and to learn techniques and information relevant to indigent defense.​

About NAPD

The National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) engages all public defense professionals into a clear and focused voice to address the systemic failure to provide the constitutional right to counsel, and to collaborate with diverse partners for solutions that bring meaningful access to justice for poor people. Currently, there are more than 22,000 members across the country.  

You do not need to be a member of NAPD to attend the conference. However, if you want to join, membership is only $40/year

This page should not be interpreted to require Public Defender Corporations or Panel Attorneys attend WTD or join NAPD. PDS simply arranged for a low-cost, convenient solution to obtaining your required CLE hours. PDS does not endorse any specific organization or adopt any statement by an organization. PDS partners with organizations in order to provide outstanding training opportunities for defense attorneys and staff throughout the state, such as the recent Juvenile training with the Mid-Atlantic Juvenile Defender Center (MAJDC) at the Georgetown Law Juvenile Justice Clinic or the New Attorney Training with faculty from NACDL.