Voucher Forms

On April 1, 2014, the Online Voucher System (OVS) became mandatory for court appointed counsel.  If you are a court appointed attorney and have vouchers to submit to the agency for payment, they must be keyed into the OVS system.  The entire voucher must be printed from the OVS system after submission to PDS.  The voucher is then sent to the Circuit Clerk's office for processing as usual. If you have any questions, contact Sheila Coughlin at (304) 558-3905. 

The Direct Expense Voucher is not part of the OVS system at this time.  The Direct Expense Voucher form is listed below in a PDF format and Microsoft Word format which is in a zip file. The Order Approving Payment is part of the voucher form.

Direct Expense Voucher Form

PDF Format                      Zip File