Online Voucher System

The Online Voucher System ("OVS") lets attorneys easily create, submit, and track court appointed vouchers electronically. The system can be accessed by any Web-enabled device using current versions of the major browsers. The application uses the latest in Web security protocols to ensure all information is transmitted securely.

Attorneys or their support staff can enter voucher information into a series of screens that have business rules to prevent errors whenever possible. Calculated rates include mileage, in-house copies, in-court and out-of-court time. Vouchers can be saved while the case is in progress, edited when convenient, and submitted when the case is complete. Once submitted, the voucher status is updated based on actions taken by the PDS office. A status update is triggered when PDS finishes their review process and when the voucher is sent to the State Auditor for payment.

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Online Voucher System Overview


Get Started 

  1.   Visit to create and activate your account.

  2.   Complete the OVS Access Form and submit to PDS.

  3.   Access the OnLine Voucher System once you receive your "access granted" email.


Click here to view the OVS User Guide. If you have any questions please contact Sheila Coughlin or Teresa Asbury at (304) 558-3905.