Billing Updates

Mileage Rate Increased

As of January 1, 2019, the mileage rate increased to $0.580 per mile.

Avoiding Duplicate Entries

The agency’s processors will strike an entry or entries on a date that appear to be identical to another entry on that date. If you have a “call to client” listed on a date several times, the processors will strike the additional entries as duplicate entries. If you have several calls to a client on one day, you should either combine them as “three calls to or from client” or differentiate each as “first call to or from client,” “second call to or from client,” or “third call to or from client.” This same logic would apply to “meetings,” “reviewing documents,” or “calls to or from” or “conferences with” other persons or parties. In summary, avoid making identical entries for the same date because, otherwise, the agency will assume a mistake has been made in the billing and will strike the entries. [adopted February 5, 2015, revised May 25, 2017]

 Paralegal Billing Guidelines

The statute provides that the rate of reimbursement is the actual out of pocket expense incurred by the attorney for the paralegal's time, but cannot exceed $20 an hour. The attorney CANNOT simply bill the paralegal services at $20 an hour. PDS requires the invoice of a paralegal to set forth either the hourly wage or salary.

Attorneys are permitted by statute to seek reimbursement for the expenses associated with the employment of a paralegal in the representation of a client. To view Paralegal Billing Guidelines click on this link:

To view the Paralegal Salary Conversion Chart click on this link: