PDC Resource Center

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The State of West Virginia has eighteen public defender corporations providing representation for indigent clients in eligible proceedings in nineteen judicial circuits. Public Defender Services receives the applications of these corporations for funding and makes grants from appropriations made to the agency for this purpose. The agency’s task is to allocate the finite funding among the eighteen corporations in the most effective manner possible.
Notably, the corporations vary greatly in size. The corporation for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit has twenty-three attorneys and fifteen staff while the corporation for the Twenty-eighth Judicial Circuit has two attorneys and two staff. Obviously, more resources will be allocated to the office situated in Charleston, West Virginia, than the office situated in Summersville, West Virginia.
Creating the Public Defender Corporation Resource Center (PDCRC) has optimized funding by housing certain personnel at the agency dedicated to serving all the public defender corporations.
A Juvenile Resource Specialist, a Criminal Justice Specialist, and an Administrator have been combined to form this center and are dedicated to serving the state’s public defender corporations.

The Juvenile Resource Specialist consults with and assists attorneys in the various corporations regarding the representation of juveniles and the representation of parties in abuse and neglect proceedings in both trial and appellate courts.

The Criminal Justice Specialist consults with and assists attorneys in the various corporations in their advocacy on behalf of clients with respect to sentencing and placement.

The Administrator consults with and assists the chief public defenders in the development of budgets to support the application for grants and to administer the grants when made.

All of these personnel are charged with identifying federal or other sources of funding that might be available to the public defender corporations.

Additional services and resources available to the public defender corporations can be found in our brochure.