2017 Materials

The conference materials have now been archived. If you attended the conference and need a copy of the materials, please contact Pam.R.Clark@wv.gov.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dr. Saar – A Primer on Criminal Responsibility [1.2 credits]

Dr. Brumage – ACES/Childhood Trauma [1.2 credits] (No Materials)

Robert McCoid – “Really Getting to Know Your Jury Panel: Requesting and Using Supplemental Pretrail Questionnaires to Improve Voir Dire” [1.2 credits]

BREAKOUT SESSION ONE [1.2 credits each]

Dr. Saar – Juvenile Issues

Brenda Waugh – 10 Ways Restorative Justice Can Help a Good Public Defender Thrash Out a Great Plea Agreement

BREAKOUT SESSION TWO [1.2 credits each]

Stephen Lindsay - If You Build It, They Will Come…. Creating and Utilizing a Meaningful Theory of Defense

Valena Beety & Melissa Giggenbach – WV Innocence Project on Shaken Baby Syndrome 

Robert Albury – Lawyer Assistance Program [1.2 credits in ethics]   

Movie & Discussion: “Murder on a Sunday Morning” [3.6 credits] (No Materials)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Deja Vishny – “What’s Interrogation Gotta Do With It: Defending False Confession Cases” [1.8 credits]

Larry Daniel – Cell Phone Location Evidence for Legal Professionals [1.2 credits]

Stephen Lindsay – Direct Examination: Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner [1.2 credits]

Scott Johnson – An Objectionable CLE: A Primer on Objections [1.2 credits]

Jason Parmer & Matt Brummond – 4th Amendment [1.2 credits]