2016 Conference Materials

The conference materials have now been archived. If you attended the conference and need a copy of the materials, please contact Pam.R.Clark@wv.gov.

Intro Materials

Castelle, George - Brady
Jaffe, Richard - Storytelling Themes
Johnson and Nicholas - Truancy Intervention
Johnson, Scott - Civility in Law
Klinkosum, Mike - Piercing the Rape Shield
Lindsay, Stephen - Demonstrative Evidence
McDaniel, Heather - Help4WV - Combined
Munster and Yedlosky - Co-Petitioning
Munster and Yedlosky - Handout
Nogay, Mike - Innovative Motions
Northrup, Drew - Scientific Method for Lawyers
Simmons, Lonnie - Conflicts
Sullivan, Dr Carl - What is Addiction
Wagner, Harley - MacCarthy Style Cross Examination
Waller and Nicholas - Juvenile Transfer Hearings