Vendor / Sponsor Opportunities

IN THE STATE of West Virginia, indigent defense consists of approximately 800 attorneys handling over 70,000 cases per year.


BECAUSE OF THESE ATTORNEYS, most members of the state bar are shielded from pro bono appointments in criminal matters and may not even be aware that at one time indigent defense was every attorneys’ duty.


 THESE ATTORNEYS stand out because they must still provide zealous advocacy for each and every client despite the crushing caseloads, lack of pay, and a huge lack of resources.


WE ARE striving to build a community that offers the support needed by these attorneys to effectively represent individuals who are facing the loss of their liberty interests but cannot afford to hire counsel.


PLEASE CONSIDER helping us in this effort to provide effective training and better resources for these dedicated attorneys.

Contributing Sponsorship


· Electronic projection of your logo during breaks

· Placement of your logo in the speaker bio book on the sponsorship page

· Post-Conference thank you email to the attendees with logo displayed

· Your logo displayed on the Public Defender website as a sponsor and your support in our effort to create a community of helping the indigent


Sponsorship of

Charging Stations

( Spots Available)  1 Spot Still Available


· All benefits included in the contributing sponsorship; plus

· A sign showing that you sponsored the charging station and your support of the indigent.


Sponsorship of


(1 Spot Available)


· All benefits included in the contributing sponsorship; plus

· Signage outside the break area directly adjacent to the conference area.  

Conference Partner

(1 Spot Available)


· All benefits included in the contributing sponsorship

· Your logo displayed prominently throughout the conference hall as a partner

· Recognition as a principal conference partner

· Placement of a one page ad on the back of the front cover of the speaker bio book


Your Sponsorship of Public Defender Services’ Annual conference is an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of  Indigent Defense Counsel and aiding in the effort to educate these counsel and train at an affordable cost. 



 Vendor Opportunities 


AS THE LARGEST GATHERING of criminal defense professionals in the State of West Virginia, this is a chance to introduce your business to many throughout the state and communicate how your services may be beneficial to their clients.

THE AUDIENCE is a mixture of private attorneys that are appointed to represent indigent clients and public defender corporation attorneys.


THE CONFERENCE is for the continued education and training that are required of attorneys.  With the help of vendors, we are offering additional resources to turn to aid in their defense of the indigent.


EXCITEMENT HAS GROWN with the national speakers we have drawn to West Virginia and continues to bring more attendees. 


THIS YEAR is a reporting year for continuing education credits and we are expecting over 200  attendees. 


Public defender clients have unmet health needs that are often the cause for their criminal justice system involvement.  Ninety-five percent of these clients return to the community, so treatment and rehabilitation are critical.   


Treatment is so important that many corrections programs and judges require treatment intervention.


The needs of our clients: 


· behavioral health care

· medical care

· substance abuse treatment


Thanks to the Affordable Care Act most clients’ treatments are covered by Medicaid.  However, there are clients that share private insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and PEIA with a spouse or family. 

Treatment is attainable with the help of everyone working together! Working together, we can all make a difference!


You can participate in our conference and meet our attendees.  We have 12 tables available for participation.  Participation is $350.00 per table.

What you get:

· One table with two chairs in the vendor area, directly adjacent to the speakers

· Electronic projection of your logo during breaks

· Placement of your logo in the speaker bio book

· Post-Conference thank-you email to the attendees with logo displayed

· Your logo displayed on the Public Defender Service’s website as a participant

If you would like to discuss additional sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sarah Saul, Paralegal at


 If you are interested in becoming a exhibitor, please click here to download the registration form.

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