The conference materials have now been archived. If you attended the conference and need a copy of the materials, please contact Pam.R.Clark@wv.gov.

Table of Contents
Thursday, June 18, 2015 Day One
Legislative Reform - Joseph D. Garcia, Esq., Governor's Office, Director of Legislative Affairs
Juvenile Justice Legislation Overview
Justice Reinvestment in West Virginia
Challenging Drug Evidence - Drew Northrup, Esq., Assistant Public Defender, Baltimore, MD
Drug Motion - Maryland Example
Sample Laboratory Analysis Report
1st Breakout Session
Track One - 404(b) - Dana F. Eddy, Executive Director , Public Defender Services and Jason Parmer, Esq., Appellate Advocacy Division, Public Defender Services
The 411 on 404: A Summary of Opinions of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia on Rule 404(b) of the Rules of Evidence
A 404(b) Compendium
Track Two - Juvenile Welfare Reform - Jason Nicholas, Esq., Assistant Public Defender, Office of the Kanawha County Public Defender - Lori Waller, Esq., Appellate Advocacy Division, Public Defender Services
Improving the Effectiveness of Juvenile Justice Programs
 Track Three - Domestic Violence - Allen E Barry, Esq., PDC Attorney, 13th Judicial Circuit
2nd Breakout Session
Track One - Resources for Clients Who Have Been Judged Incompetent - Georgette A. Bradstreet, Statewide Forensic Coordinator - Charity N. Sayre, JRI Coordinator, Office of the Cabinet Secretary, WV Dept. of Military Affairs and Public Safety
What Happens Next
Comprehensive Behavioral Health Centers Directory
WV ID/DD Mental Health Service and Support Directory
West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety
Track Two - Perspectives on Representing the Youthful Offender - Alicia MacIntire, WVDHHR Youth Services Policy Specialist - Teresa Lyons, Panel Attorney, Hedges & Lyons, PLLC - Rob McKinney, Division of Probation Services, WV Supreme Court - Cindy Largent-Hill, Director, Juvenile Justice Commission, WV Supreme Court - John Lehman, Esq., PDC Attorney, 23rd Judicial Circuit
Regional Program Managers, Child Welfare & Adult Service Consultants
WV Juvenile Drug Court
Juvenile Justice Commission 2014 Annual Report
Track Three - Panel Discussion - Magistrate Court - "Life in the Fast Lane" - 15th Circuit Public Defender Corporation Attorneys - Perry B. Jones, Esq., Chief Defender - Jack E. Clark, Esq., PDC Attorney - Eric D. Householder, Esq., PDC Attorney - Elizabeth B. Gross, Esq., PDC Attorney
Preventing Burnout in the Practice of Law: Psychoneuroimmunology, The Healing Power of Laughter, Music & Joyful Living - George Daugherty, Executive Director, WV Lawyer Assistance Program
Preventing Burnout Conference Material
Friday, June 19, 2015 Day Two
1st Breakout Session:
Track One - ABC's of DUI - David Pence, Esq., Member, Zerbe & Pence, PLLC
Important Steps in a DUI Case
 Track Two - Case Studies in Mitigation - Stephanne Thornton, LICSW,MAC, Sentencing Advocate Director, 13th Judicial Circuit
List of Mitigating Factors
12 Step Meeting Sheet
Sample Treatment Plan
How to Talk to Your Expert - Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations & Strategies - Timothy S. Saar, PhD
How to Maximize your Expert Witness
4th Circuit & U.S. Supreme Court Update - Jonathan Byrne, Esq., Federal Public Defender Office, Southern District of WV
Constitutional Developments (and Some Others), 2013-2015
Ethics - Terri Tarr, Esq., Chief Counsel, Judicial Investigation Commission
The Presentation That Will Change Your Life -- Forever!!!!