Online Voucher System

The payment of court-appointed counsel for the legal services provided to indigent clients is governed by the provisions of W. Va. Code 29-21-13a.

The payment begins with the attorney's preparation of a "voucher." A voucher is essentially an invoice from the attorney for the payment of legal services and the reimbursement of expenses.

The governing statute dictates that "vouchers ... shall specifically set forth the nature of the services rendered, the stage of proceeding or type of hearing involved, the date and place the service was rendered and the amount of time expended in each instance." Further, "all time claimed on the vouchers shall be itemized to the nearest tenth of an hour."

The governing statute provides that a voucher is to be "submitted to the appointing court on forms approved by" Public Defender Services. Moreover, Public Defender Services is to "establish guidelines for the submission of vouchers and claims for fees and expenses." Finally, Public Defender Services is to refuse to requisition payment for any voucher which is not in conformity with ... the voucher guidelines established ... "

In fulfillment of its statutory obligation, Public Defender Services developed an online system for the preparation of vouchers, known commonly as the "OVS System." The use of this system is mandatory and requires that you establish a "WV.Gov" account.

The following links are provided to assist court-appointed counsel in registering to use the OVS System and then preparing vouchers using the OVS System:





VISTA is a program that the WV State Auditor's Office created that lists all payments to vendors. You must have a VISTA login account in order to access the VISTA site. To create a VISTA login account, click on the link below and then click on the blue box that says 'VISTA". You will then click on "Create Account." If you have problems with or creating your VISTA account, please contact the WV State Auditor's Office at (304) 558-2261, Ext. 2600.