The agency's supplemental appropriation has been passed by the Legislature and approved by Governor Tomblin. The mechanics require the expiration of certain funds with certain agencies and the credit of the expired funds to the agency's account. The anticipation is that the agency will be able, very soon, to submit to the Auditor's Office the vouchers which it has processed and prepared for the Auditor's Office approval, who will then instruct the Treasurer's Office on the preparation and issuance of warrants. However, the Auditor's Office will be inundated with the vouchers so it may take a few days for the vouchers to be paid. In short, your vouchers should be paid soon and vouchers received in the past month and in the future should be processed and paid in the normal course of business.

Dana F. Eddy
Executive Director
Public Defender Services
One Players Club Drive, Suite 301
Charleston, WV 25311